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JBJ Press. Specialists in art preparation and custom-designed architectural and fine arts books.
From historical investigation to color matching, we believe in the beauty of perfection.


Publishing Services
Book Building - Creative Design & Fine Art Design


JBJ Press specializes in preparing and distributing architectural and fine arts books. Our signature is identified by our diligent attention to color imagery and passionately researched content––translated, and presented in multiple languages.


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Graphic & Fine Arts Services
Graphic Design, Multimedia, Illustration, Photography


The graphic designers and fine artists affiliated with JBJ Press are well-known professionals in the fields of graphics, photography, and painting. While their styles range from classical to avant-garde, they each create magnificent visual representations. From woodblock carvings to Illustrator® renderings, dreams become realities.

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Research & Editing Services
Architectural, Historical and Fine Arts Researchers


What identifies JBJ Press, LLC is the diligence with which it conducts fact checking. We are a small group of writers and editors of Spanish, French, Italian, and English languages that comprise our team. Our work takes us from classrooms to the boardrooms.


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We invite you to visit our individual websites for complete details on these topics. To return to JBJ Press, just select the JBJ Press link on the website’s home page…

Andrew F. Alfe Graphics »

Churches of the Mayas
Iglesias de los Mayas

JBJ Digital PhotoBank »


Our mission is simple…
To assist you in creating a magnificent book.

Our vision is clear…
To prepare and deliver exquisite visual compilations of art and architecture.

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Our blog has been set up to write to us about any subject you wish related to architecture and the arts. We travel extensively. We listen to every kind of music and we visit any place anyone deems be of architectural or historical importance. Looking for a lithographer in Mexico? A photographer who shoots in India or Nepal? A Rubylith masking master?

Write to us – if for no other reason than to say hello.
To make it easier for you to find something of interest, we write on the following topics:


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Contact Us

In the United States, you may reach us at:
+1 (949) 394-6256
+1 (949) 433-2228

In Mexico: