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Many of our authors' events are open to readers by invitation. We would be delighted to include you as an invitee. Simply review the calendar of events and call us or email us with your interests.


March 4, 2010 - Churches of the Mayas/Iglesias de los Mayas, representing more than 30 years of travels to the Yucatan by architect and JBJ Press Managing Editor J.B. Johnson and designer of interiors Carmen Cusi de Garcia-Pimentel, launched in Mexico City. The event (hosted at the Industrial Club on March 4 by Carmen's loving family in her memory) was highlighted by honored speakers, Mexican architects Luis Ortiz Macedo and Francisco Perez de Salazar, who praised the books' documentation of the more than 200 sacred buildings of the viceregal period, and beyond, for its importance as an invaluable architectural catalog of Mexican history. Also in attendence was JBJ Press Editor Julianne Alfe.


March 27, 2010 - On Saturday, March 27, Nancy and Bill Watts of Cuernavaca hosted a private reception for J.B. Johnson, in celebration of the unveiling of Churches of the Mayas. The soiree, attended by the who's who of the town, was a grand success.  


August 24, 2011 - On Wednesday, August 24 at 4:00 pm, J.B. Johnson presented Churches of the Mayas/Iglesias de los Mayas at the Puebla campus of the University of the Americas. The festive event, hosted by the University of the Americas Foundation and CIRIA, under the direction of  Ms. Araceli García Roldán and Mr. José Joaquín Díaz Posadas, was alive with guests, family, and friends. Represented by JBJPress were Andrew Alfe and Julianne Alfe. For more information about the event, go to UDLAP's SITE...


September 9, 2011 - J.B. Johnson, Managing Editor of JBJ Press, and the book's agent and publisher, Lic. Ignacio Juárez y García, introduced Churches of the Mayas on Friday, August 9, at the magnificent Palavoxiana Library in the city of Puebla, Mexico. Also in attendance where copyright specialist Louis Planell.


September 2011 - JBJ Press pushes forward to complete its photo bank by end of year 2011. For sale will be one of the most extensive photo libraries of photography of Mexican viceregal period architecture available online. Historical photographic time line will date back to 1960s to present.

2015 - Current - The Dream Wizard, a delightful children's book written by author T. C. Barillier and illustrated by Andrew F. Alfe, is currently available on

Coming in 2019 - The Legacy of Cortés, a book chronicling the life and times - and - the legacy of Hernán Cortés - from his birth to present time.

Upcoming - Reving up the blogs is next in line for JBJ Press.


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