JBJ Press counts on writers, editors, fact checkers, linguists, and translators based in the United States and in Mexico to provide the very best quality in text and research preparation. Independent proofreading and editing services in foreign languages are available. JBJ Press provides three categories of research and editing services.

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Research & Fact Checking

For the simple reason that our group is comprised of expert professionals working in a variety of fields, our research and fact checking skills are at the top of the line.  Our locations in Mexico City and Irvine, California afford us the benefit of having fantastic research centers at our reach. From the UCLA libraries to the Cathedral archives in Mexico City, our central geographic locations are a true plus.



Editing & Proofreading

Because most of our editors and proofreaders work in several languages, we offer customized, multi-language electronic and print output. Our team works with the author to develop precise language for clients whose focus is North American and Mexican readership.




We work in translation exclusively on a custom basis. We are not a translation service. We offer custom editing, so our effort goes to working side-by-side with the author to find the very best translator for the project.


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