JBJ Press. Specialists in art preparation and custom-designed architectural and fine arts books.
From historical investigation to color matching, we believe in the beauty of perfection.


Publishing Services
Book Building - Creative Design & Fine Art Design


JBJ Press specializes in preparing and distributing architectural and fine arts books. Our signature is identified by our diligent attention to color imagery and passionately researched content––translated, and presented in multiple languages.

JBJ Press. Specialists in art preparation and custom-designed architectural and fine arts books…

AS BOOK BUILDER - Raw research is sent to us for initial consideration. The material is carefullystudied and the design is created specifically to enhance the intricacies of the content. Due to the complexity of the work, our clients' first request is most often to assist in the development of a prototype or mock-up for exclusive orders––from concept to desired output.Beyond our accomplishments, our edge is in our flexibility of breaking through the complex ins and outs of publishing in a foreign country, and delivering content in multiple languages. We simply do not stop until achieving our goal. The editors, translators, and fine artists of JBJ Press are well-known professionals in their fields, who, focused and resolute, work to complete and deliver beautiful visual representations of historical art and architecture. Our specialists in digital retouching and colorization make sure your digital files are prepared for clarity and accuracy.

• When hand drawing and original artwork is required, we work with you to select a best match from our list of fine and graphic artists.

• When output has been completed and approved, you work with us to select the best match from our list of print houses, which will depend on complexity of the job.

As Distributor - JBJ Press offers its clients an option to manage the storage and distribution of their titles received from the advanced-sale orders.

As an Exclusive Service - As an exclusive service, JBJ Press provides book event logistics and presence at major international book fairs.

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Graphic & Fine Arts Services
Graphic Design, Multimedia, Illustration, Photography


The graphic designers and fine artists affiliated with JBJ Press are well-known professionals in the fields of graphics, photography, and painting. While their styles range from classical to avant-garde, they each create magnificent visual representations. From woodblock carvings to Illustrator® renderings, dreams become realities.

Graphic Services – Beyond book preparation, JBJ Press offers preparation and artwork output services for the commercial market. From logos to ads, our focus is on creating beautiful artwork that represents the very finest of Latin American and US artists and designers—and visually delivers the client’s message through art.

Our design-to-print services include the prep and print of invitations, multiple language brochures, and advertisements. We also prepare multiple language slide presentations for academic, commercial, and not-for-profit organizations.

Specialists - JBJ Press specializes in digital image retouching and colorization.


We are proud to announce that we are bringing back hand colorization and rubylith masking. Ask us about our old-school services!

For inquiries, contact Andrew Alfe at

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Research & Editing Services
Architectural, Historical and Fine Arts Researchers


What identifies JBJ Press, LLC is the diligence with which it conducts fact checking. We are a small group of writers and editors of Spanish, French, Italian, and English languages that comprise our team. Our work takes us from classrooms to the boardrooms.

Beyond book preparation, JBJ Press provides contract research and editing services for multiple language slide presentations, print and web copy, Spanish, and English transcription, and instruction.

For inquiries, please contact Julianne Alfe at editor@jbjpress.com.

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